Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Drew a Line

I once drew a line in the sand,
I drew it straight and deep.
Then I wondered upon which side to stand;
Right or left? North or South? Ah, which shall I keep?

Though the line was mine and done by my hand,
I suddenly realized that a divide I must keep.
My world afore had had no dividing plan
Yet now I was forced upon a place to seek.

Not quickly to the left or right for I am not such a hasty man.
To go to one is to approve that certain place and cause the other to reek,
But which shall I choose and to which shall I eventually land?
What if afterwards a love of mine came from the other side of my line straight and deep?

Ah, the waters that roll and erase with foaming tide upon the sand
Are far from reaching my line that formed a divide that I now must keep
Regardless of what others may do the line I drew has caused me to stand
Where the right or left that was not there afore decides what I shall reap.

The stranger that passes by no doubt does not understand
Why I drew a line so straight and deep.
And sometimes I wonder about my line-drawing plan
But a man without a line so straight and deep is a man over which to weep.

So I drew a line in the sand so very straight and deep .......to choose which side to take.

Pastor James Groce
jlg '09

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